Siebel Scripting Interview Question

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Target readers : Basic skill in Siebel Scripting.

·         Where do we write eScript in Siebel?
We can write Browser or Server Script in following areas based on the requirement.
• Applet
• Business Component
• Business Service


·         What is Client Business Service?
We can see the Business Services Client also. These are called Client Business Services we can see them in Business Service Administration Screens. We can write the script for the BS in the client itself. After writing the BS there is no need to compile those BS's.


·         When do you use "CanInvoke(False/True)" method in scripting?
We use it before invoking a method in PreCanInvoke Event and verify a condition. Based on the result, we can make the method Invoke =True/False. It is just like validating a condition before invoking the method.



·         What is the Alternative for Business Service?
An alternative to writing a business service is to write the method at the application level. Siebel Systems encourages developers to use business services, as they can be called by workflow processes; as we cannot call custom application level methods.

·         When to User Browser and Server Script?
Browser script is recommended for:
 • Communication with the user
 • Interaction with desktop applications
 • Data validation and manipulation limited to the current record
Server script is recommended for:
 • Query, insert, update, and delete operations
 • Access to data beyond the current record

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