Siebel Scripting Interview Question – Continued

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Target readers : Intermidiate skill in Siebel Scripting.

·         What is the use of catch in eScript?
The catch clause is used to handle the exception. To raise an exception, use the throw statement. When you want to trap potential errors generated by a block of code, place that code in a try statement, and follow the try statement with a catch statement. The catch statement is used to process the exceptions that may occur in the manner you specify in the exception_handling_block. The following example demonstrates the general form of the try statement with the catch clause. In this example, the script continues executing after the error message is displayed:
try {
catch (e) {
TheApplication().RaiseErrorText(Clib.rsprintf("Something bad
happened: %s",e.toString()));


·         What is All Mode Sort?
This property determines whether or not Siebel will override the sort specification and if so determines the sort that will be applied to the BC for All or Manager's view. The values are TRUE, FALSE or NORMAL
 Normal – Uses BC defined sort specification
 True – Overrides the BC sort and Uses the U1 index
 False – Removes all sorting.



·         When do you use Property Sets in Siebel?
Property Sets are the Hierarchical structures of Variable Names and Values. These Property Sets can be used in Workflow processes Parameters or for any input or output Parameters in scripting.
Ex: var input = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var output = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
after this we can store sets of Variables and their values.


·         When do you use "CanInvoke(False/True)" method in scripting?
We use it before invoking a method in PreCanInvoke Event and verify a condition. Based on the result, we can make the method Invoke =True/False. It is just like validating a condition before invoking the method.
Can Invoke is one of the input parameter to the PreCanInvoke method at the applet level Browser Scripting. Whenever we are using button in the UI, this parameter's value decides whether the button should be active or not.


·         Suppose I write a script on the browser side and get some output. Can this same output be transferred to / called from the Server side script? If YES, how and if NO, why not?
We can interchange the output using the Business Services. Send this output to a Business Service and access the BS from a Server Script.

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  1. krishna Reply

    can anyone explain what is administrative data with an example?

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    can anyone explain the order of events fired in scripting and also give an idea of how to choose in which event to write the script. 
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