Administration – Server Configuration Activities

In this series of article we are going to discuss about siebel server configuration activities under following categories.

This article will discuss           Define component definitions   •Reconfigure component definition 

                                                      •Synchronize component            •Set server and component event logging

 Define Component Definitions

• Tailor existing components or create custom components using these steps:



Reconfigure Component Definitions

• Is accomplished through the Component Definitions applet drop-down menu

• Start Reconfiguration: Opens existing component parameters for modification

• Commit Reconfiguration: Commits the updated Component Definition

• Cancel Reconfiguration: Cancels the current reconfiguration, component definition remains unaltered

Server Configuration Activities

Synchronize Components

• A required post-installation task for executing components on the Siebel Server <>Makes enabled components available to the Siebel Enterprise

• Navigate to Administration – Server Configuration > Enterprises

Server Configuration Activities


Set Server Event Logging

• Use the Server Event Configuration view to set the log level of Siebel Server event types



Set Component Event Logging

• Use the Component Event Configuration view to set the log level of component event types Server Configuration Activities


Next article will cover                •Use component alerts                •Create and define job templates

                                                      •Back up and restore enterprise configuration

We are expecting feedback/comment from you about this article, which will help us to improve.In next article we will discuss about Server Management Activities

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