Administration – Server Configuration Activities – Continued

In last article we have discussed about various siebel server configuration activities in Administration – Server Configuration screen.  Let's know more about below activities.

•Use component alerts  •Create and define job templates  •Back up and restore enterprise configuration

Use Component Alerts

• Traps information about the failure of tasks and unavailability of components and sends an email alert to the Administrator

• Examples: <> A component fails to restart <> Critical system throughput thresholds are hit • Additional alerts and parameters can be set up


Server Configuration Activities

Create and Define Job Templates

• Create and define job templates for repeating jobs that have unchanging parameters <> Navigate to Administration – Server Configuration > Job Templates



Back Up the Enterprise Configuration

• Use Server Manager to back up a working copy of siebns.dat

1. Navigate to Administration – Server Configuration

2. Locate the backup in the Administration directory of the Siebel Server root directory

Server Configuration Activities

Restore the Enterprise Configuration

• Restore a previous Enterprise configuration with these steps:

1. Shutdown the Siebel Gateway Name Server and the Siebel Server

2. Replace the existing siebns.dat file with a working backup

3. Start the Siebel Gateway Name Server and the Siebel Server

We are expecting feedback/comment from you about this article, which will help us to improve.In next article we will discuss about Server Management Activities

1 comment on “Administration – Server Configuration Activities – Continued”

  1. Vikram mahra Reply

    Thanks for the article.
    A correction:The file is present in gateway_server_rootADMIN fodler, not in siebel_root folder.
    And a question, is there any other way to restore the siebel enterprise.
    Actually i had made some changes in the Siebel server parameter- Table Owner and password, and the siebel environment is not coming up now.
    I have checked the siebns.dat.001, siebns.dat.002 . . . .005, all files and none of the files worked for me.
    Is there any other way to restore the previous coinfiguration?
    Thanks & Regards,

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