Cancel Long Running Query In UI || CancelQueryTimeOut

Control Long running queries by getting cancel button pop up after a set time period for great UI experience.

Siebel UI gets hang due to long running queries and if user closes the browser an orphan task is left in object manager. The functionality of canceling the query from UI is highly appreciated for great user UI experience. We can set a time and if query is running after that set time a pop-up window with cancel button will appear to help user to stop the query.

This parameter is called "CancelQueryTimeOut parameter" parameter.

For Siebel 8.0 and higher

  • Navigate to Administration – Server Configuration > Enterprises > Component Definitions
  • Select Object Manager component
  • In Component Parameters, Query for the CancelQueryTimeOut parameter. Advanced parameters should be displayed


Here Default vaue is -1 , which means the functionility is disabled.
The Value fields contains the time in seconds, This is the time to wait before cancle button will pop up.


In above example the cancel button will appear after 300 sec.

For Siebel 7.X

In application configuration file (.cfg) under [SWE] section set below parameter

CancelQueryTimeOut parameter = 300

Here the value 300 will enable the cancel button after 300 sec of query started. The Value -1 will disable this functionality.

We are targetting to discuss the Server Paramerts which can help siebel run efficiently. We welcome you to  share your work and idea.

3 comments on “Cancel Long Running Query In UI || CancelQueryTimeOut”

  1. Luis Melo Reply

    In certain queries, when I click the cancel button, the cancelation takes to long.
    The query takes to long, and it's cancelation takes to long. Why is this?
    Is there a way to get through this issue? Thank you.
    Luis Melo – IT Consultant – Novabase – Portugal

  2. uday Reply

    The best way to cancel query for long running session is to CANCEL SQL at Oracle serverside
    Kindly contact your DBA on this.

  3. Joya Reply

    Thanks for the post.

    Excellent Collection of Siebel Interview Questions and Answers.


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