How to capture the eCommunications logs for specific users in Siebel

Steps to set high level logs of Object manager for specific users to troubleshoot siebel performance issue.

It is necessary to capture the high level logs to identify the root cause. It will help us to monitor the application performance by capturing the high level logs. We can identify the SQL quires which are causing latency as well as the flow of commands in OM . If we increase the log level for the most essential component like object manager it will effect to the performance of the application. To overcome this we can set the high level logs for specific users in the application to capture the complete transitions.

We will cover this in two article.

1. How to set user list and log levels?

2. How to find out the logs for the specific users?


 Let’s start with     ” How to set user list and log levels?”


1.       Login into application

2.       Site map -> Administration – Server Configuration -> Servers

3.       Select the specific server where your Object manager component present.

4.       Query for the specific component under component applet.

5.       Click the parameters applet under the component applet

6.       Now under reset parameters query for the *user* in parameter.

You will get one parameter as List of Users.

7.       Now add the user name (ex:test) in the value.


Now we need to change the log level as per our requirement.

        1.       Now go to events applet.

        2.       Application bar menu ,edit->change record

        Select the log level and record name

Even though in the UI it is showing effective immediately, it requires the bounce of the respective object manager component.

NOTE:- if ecommunication Objmgr is having many sessions it will take time kill all the sessions even though if you stop web servers. So better bounce the server.


You can do the same thing through server manager.

       1.       Connect to server manager

             Ex: go to siebel_root , run the and run the server manager command

                   $srvrmgr /g  <gateway IP> /e  <enterprise name> /u < username> /p <password>

      2.       Now run the command as


   Srvrmgr>change param UserList = <User ID>

Now try to login into respective application and navigate to different tabs and try to reproduce the problem.

In next article you will know  How to find out the logs for the specific users.

5 comments on “How to capture the eCommunications logs for specific users in Siebel”

  1. Paul Sincliar Wills Reply

    Excellent post Rajiv.
    Can we have some other post related to Server performance tuning.

  2. Satya Reply

    Great Post Rajiv,  Will this applies Siebel Call Center 7.8??

  3. Rajiv Rajiv Reply

    Dear Satya,
    I am sorry to say, i am not tried this from 7.8, I am working from 8.1 version only.

  4. MJ Reply

    good suggestion. will try it and hope it works for our project. my client's issue is that when Obj Mgr logs are switched on, the server space gets full very fast. hope this approach will capture logs for a specific user's instances and not fill up server space so fast. Thanks for the post.

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