How to capture the eCommunications logs for specific users in Siebel – Continued

In last article “How to capture the eCommunications logs for specific users in Siebel” we have learned How to set user list and log levels.  This article will help us in finding logs for any specific user.

Finding the logs for the specific users

If there are multiple users accessing the same application then it will be difficult to find out the logs for the specific users. To solve this problem we have table called S_SRM_TASK_HIST where all the task details of a component will be stored. The details like server host name, created time, log directory name, process id and component name etc…

So normal select query will give you the output depends on the arguments.


select srvr_host_name, created, srvr_logfile_name ,srvr_name from s_srm_task_hist where  srvr_user_name='<User Name which used to login>’ and srvr_comp_name = ‘eCommunicationsObjMgr_enu’ order by created desc

The output will be






29-jan-2009 06:48:01




 Now go to the respective server and the log directory and check the log file

Ex:-ls –ltr eCommunicationsObjMgr_enu_003_199.log.


4 comments on “How to capture the eCommunications logs for specific users in Siebel – Continued”

  1. Dima Reply

    Could you please indicate how should the UserList parm be reset whe the loglevel change is requested for all the users?

  2. Raj Reply

    I am looking for cost per user for Siebel financial services Base option? Can you please help me to find out the same?

  3. Rajiv Reply

    Dear Dima,
    You can do the same in 2 ways. You can directly update the value either from UI or from server manager
    From UI:
    1.Adminstration-ServerConfiguration->Servers->Componnets. After selecting the component goto Parameters
    2.Select List of Users Parameter and remvoe the list from value
    3.Then clieck events tab and Chngae the evt log level for all the events to either 4 or 5.
    Through server manager:
    1.Connect to server manager
    2. Srvrmgr>change param UserList = ' ' (to remove the existing users)
    3. Srvrmgr>set server sblappserevr (Select specific server where the object manger component is running)
    4.srvrmgr:sblappserver>change evtloglvl % = 4 (you can keep 5max) for comp ecommunicatiosnobjmgr_enu  (This will take time as it depends on the number of current running tasks).
    if you want to decrease the log level then
    from UI: Adminstration-ServerConfiguration->Servers->Componnets->Events. edit the events log level to 1.
    srvrmgr:sblappserver>change evtloglvl % = 1 for comp ecommunicatiosnobjmgr_enu
    Note:-If you are trying this at prodcution then it will impact your application. So do it when there is very less load on the application.

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