Decode Siebel Error Codes

Siebel Error Codes are most challenging barriers for a developer. It’s very difficult to understand the exact problem in configuration by seeing the error codes. Consultant spent their important time in searching at number of blogs and oraclemetalink support to find the correct explanation of the Siebel Error Codes.We are providing you a library of all siebel error codes to make your search efficient.

You are open to provide updated information and share Siebel Error Codes which are not the part of our knowledgebase.

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 Siebel Error Codes:

SBL-EAI-05010: Class name incorrect or does not extend SiebelBusinessService : %

SBL-EAI-05102: JNDI error in EAI JMS Transport: '%1'

SBL-EAI-00250: Input Property Set should have a child of type 'XMLHierarchy'

SBL-EIM-00426: All batches in run failed.  

SBL-JCA-00310: The connection pool is empty and no connection could be created.

SBL-JCA-00310: The connection pool is empty and no connection could be created.

SBL-EXL-00109: PropertySet GetValue call failed. PropertySet Value is marked as

SBL-EAI-04187: XML Tag '%1' in field '%2' of Integration Component '%3' has been

SBL-CSR-00911: The Siebel Email Client object failed to open Outlook and create

SBL-EAI-10001: Cannot find XML namespace declaration for prefix '%1'

SBL-DAT-00593: An error occurred while attempting to look up the transcode value

SBL-DAT-00598: The destination column of the join %1 in business component %2 to

SBL-DAT-00607: Join '%1' in business component '%2' has the multi-valued field '

SBL-DAT-00608: The property "Owner Organization Specifier" '%1' for business com

SBL-DAT-00610: Access denied to invoke business service '%1' for search specific

SBL-DAT-00612: Your search criteria is not allowed on this field '%1', please ch

SBL-DAT-00674: An unexpected value '%1' is retrieved for the Multi Valued Field

SBL-DAT-00700: Unable to check flag 'Password never expires'.

SBL-DAT-00701: The administrator have checked 'User must change password at next

SBL-DAT-00705: Unable to bind to the ADSI object '%1'.

SBL-DAT-00713: Trust token mismatch.

SBL-DAT-00714: Parameter '%1' of %2 '%3' is required.

SBL-DAT-00712: Unable to retrieve credential string from user '%1' in Active Dir

SBL-DAT-00801: %1: Preference file directory not found.

SBL-DAT-00803: %1: Preference file doesn't exist

SBL-DAT-00804: %1: Failed to open preference file. Error Info = %2.

SBL-DAT-00808: %1: Failed to write preference file

SBL-DAT-00811: %1: Failed to commit temporary file. Error Info = %2.

SBL-DAT-00818: Searching has been disabled on the '%1' field. Please refine your

SBL-DAT-00906: Bulk %1 operation is not allowed for Buscomp %2 when it is in tas

SBL-DAT-00825: Access to Resource %1 of type %2 is denied

SBL-DAT-00902: The instance with id as %1 and bc id as %2 is supposed to represe

SBL-DAT-00905: Merge operation is not allowed for Buscomp %1 when it is in task

SBL-DAT-00906: Bulk %1 operation is not allowed for Buscomp %2 when it is in tas

SBL-DAT-00937: The currency code %1 is not valid

SBL-DAT-00939: The time zone %1 is not valid. Please check and try again

SBL-DAT-00940: Login failed as the user is inactive

SBL-DAT-51002: Your password will expire in less than %1 days. Please change you

SBL-DAT-00938: The language code %1 is not valid. Please check and try again.

SBL-DAT-60171: End of the log stream is reached.

SBL-DAT-60176: Unexpected end of stream '%1' at position %2.

SBL-DAT-60180: Date time format string '%1' is invalid.

SBL-DAT-60228: Cannot persist session %1. Possible errors include: Model pooling

SBL-DAT-60229: Cannot perform session restore on model currently running session

SBL-DAT-60230: Model is currently running session %1. Cannot get new session Id

SBL-DAT-60231: Too many services have been invoked in session %1! Cannot persist

SBL-DAT-60232: Session %1 is stateless but attempts to use cached business servi

SBL-DAT-60225: Service %1 is not allowed to finish dedicated block started by an

SBL-DAT-60226: Service %1 did not finish the dedicated block.

SBL-DAT-60227: User name %1 does not match either the current Me user name or th

SBL-DAT-60217: Can't write data without validation.

SBL-DAT-60236: Expression does not match any Siebel query language grammar rules

SBL-DAT-60237: Error loading dictionary file diccache.dat.

SBL-DAT-60241: An error has occurred committing the record %1 of business compon

SBL-DBC-00101: The user has cancelled the query.

SBL-DBC-00103: The DB2 database cannot be accessed.Maybe the server is down or t

SBL-DBC-00104: Error retrieving next record from the database.

SBL-DBC-00105: An error has occurred executing a Sql statement.

SBL-DBC-00106: An ODBC database error has occurred. Possibly the database name i

SBL-DBC-00107: An Oracle database error has occurred.

SBL-DBC-00108: An error has occurred preparing a Sql statement.

SBL-DBC-00110: The characters: '%1' that are being inserted into column '%2', ar

SBL-DBC-00111: An error has occurred writing to a record.

SBL-DBC-00112: An error has occurred executing a query

SBL-EAI-11000: Integration component field '%1' has a dependency on the field '%

SBL-EAI-11500: Empty Output Property Set. Please check to see that the input XML

SBL-EAI-11501: Unable to read XML from URL '%1' and Base URL '%2': %3

SBL-EAI-11502: Unable to read XML from location '%1': %2

SBL-EAI-12000: An unknown error has been encountered in %1.

SBL-EAI-12001: The %1 field is missing or invalid for the %2 %3.

SBL-EAI-12002: Attempting to set %1 as the root component for the integration ob

SBL-EAI-12500: The input parameter %1 is missing or invalid for the Siebel Synch

SBL-EAI-12501: The Integration Object "Siebel OM: Repository Integration Object"

SBL-EAI-12502: The business object (%1) was not found in the repository, %2.

SBL-EAI-12503: The %1 field is missing or invalid for the %2 %3.

SBL-EAI-13000: More than one file attachment document is used with the same Cont

SBL-EAI-13006: Invalid operator: %1

SBL-EAI-13011: Field '%1' in the integration component '%2' contains value '%3',

SBL-EAI-50109: The Project %1, which the Integration Object belongs to is not lo

SBL-EAI-50110: The input parameter %1 is missing or invalid for the Integration

SBL-EAI-50111: An invalid EAI Message was received. Please check your configurat

SBL-EAI-50112: Required data is missing in the integration object '%1' definitio

SBL-EAI-50113: Ingegration Components have to form a tree. There should be only

SBL-EAI-50114: Ingegration Components have to form a tree. The following compone

SBL-EAI-50115: The XML tag '%1' for Integration Component %2 contains invalid ch

SBL-EAI-50116: The XML tag '%1' for Integration Component Field '%2' contains in

SBL-EAI-50117: The XML tag '%1' for Integration Object '%2' contains invalid cha

SBL-EAI-50118: Integration Component '%1' in Integration Object '%2' contains In

SBL-EAI-50119: Integration Object '%1' contains an Integration Component with in

SBL-EAI-50121: The %1 is missing in the input parameters for method %2.

SBL-EAI-50122: Required data is missing in the integration object '%1' definitio

SBL-EAI-50124: Could not obtain Business Object; No external name set on Integra

SBL-EAI-50123: The integration object '%1' is inactive. Please activate it first

SBL-EAI-50125: Could not create state, No Active ID was specified in Integration

SBL-EAI-50127: No rows retrieved corresponding to the business component '%1'

SBL-EAI-50126: Multiple matches found for record using search specification '%2'

SBL-EAI-50128: No rows retrieved corresponding to the business component '%1' an

SBL-EAI-50129: Could not create state, No Active ID was found on the leaf level

SBL-EAI-50120: Please examine the server log file '%1'.



SBL-EAI-50134: Integration object instance '%1' did not have a valid root compon

SBL-EAI-50143: During Business Component Query, error returned '%1'

SBL-EAI-50145: No record retrieved corresponding to the business component '%1'

SBL-EAI-50152: Cannot have more than one active Id specified on Integration Obje

SBL-EAI-50156: Cannot find definition for integration component field '%1' in In

SBL-EAI-05003: Call to JNI_CreateJavaVM failed.

SBL-DAT-00477: The object definition manager has already been initialized.

SBL-EAI-50157: Error converting property set hierarchy to integration object hie

SBL-EAI-50160: Cannot find integration component field definition (Integration C

SBL-EAI-50161: The Business Service or Workflow Process '%1' has already been de

SBL-EAI-50162: WSDL cannot be generated for web service '%1'. The Workflow Proce

SBL-EAI-50163: Please enter a valid path for the wsdl file.

SBL-EAI-50164: Please enter a operation name for the web service.

SBL-EAI-50165: The operation name '%1' is not unique. Please enter a new one or

SBL-EAI-50166: The web service URL is not valid. Please replace and with the app

SBL-EAI-50167: The selected Workflow Process contains process properties of hier

SBL-EAI-50168: The following selected methods either have arguemnt(s) of unsuppo

SBL-EAI-50169: No method was selected to get exposed. Please selecte the methods

SBL-EAI-50170: The Business Service %s does not contain any method that can be e

SBL-EAI-50171: The Business Service '%1' is not active. Please activate it first

SBL-EAI-50172: The Workflow Process '%1' is either not active or its status is n

SBL-EAI-50173: Error creating file reference file '%1'

SBL-EAI-50174: Error deleting file reference file '%1'

SBL-EAI-50175: Error reading from file reference file '%1'

SBL-EAI-50176: Error writing to file reference file '%1'

SBL-EAI-50177: Error getting the size of file reference file '%1'

SBL-EAI-50187: The file '%1' does not exist.

SBL-ADM-05006: No parameter value for parameter number %1 in target object even

SBL-ADM-05012: Could not change value of parameter %1 to %2



SBL-ADM-08102: Registry key: (%1) not found

SBL-ADM-08300: Eapps.cfg not found under (%1) as the Siebel SWEApp bin directory

SBL-ADM-09050: Empty name of pipe specified

SBL-ADM-09051: Pipe has not been created

SBL-ADM-09052: Pipe has already been created

SBL-ADM-09053: Pipe already connected

SBL-ADM-09054: Pipe is not connected for communication

SBL-ADM-09153: Could not encode the message, retCode = (%1)

SBL-ADM-09204: Could not get the notification pipe name, retCode = (%1)

SBL-ADM-09205: Error in creating pipe (%1), retCode = (%2), nSysErr = (%3)

SBL-ADM-09210: Error: empty message to process

SBL-ADM-09211: Could not find the named subsystem definition for [%1], while pro


SBL-ADM-09350: No email address specified in the named subsystem %s

SBL-ADM-09351: No from email address specified in the named subsystem %s

SBL-ADM-09352: No SMTP server specified in the named subsystem %s

SBL-ADM-09354: Parse Error: "active" keyword cannot be specified if the task num

SBL-ADM-60070: Error reported on server '%1' follows:  




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  1. Nitin Reply

    Frequently we recieve "SBL-NET-010134 error SISNAPI connection closed by peer" in our Obj manager log in diff type of server.Its single occurance in main task OR frequent occurance in child task calls for comp bounce to correct it. We know its a comp-comp multiplex conection defined by sess_per_siss_conn. But then why this error is thrown even though the connection might have closed due to conn_idle time out or other reason. Because if single thread of a component  again tries to establish connection than it could be multiplexed in diff SISNAPI connection of that comp or can establish a new one.?
    Also what exactly get corrected once we bounce the comp so that it does not  re-occurr?

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