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While reading Siebel technical or functional blogs you might have think that I ALSO CAN write siebel articles.

We are inviting new bloggers to explore their writing skills with us. Our expert team will assist you in editing your articles.

Publish your articles with us and get famous.


Professional Benefits:

  1. Your article will be read and reviewed by Siebel Experts across world.
  2. Article will be showcased in most popular Linkedin Group Siebel Fusion Oracle CRM Expert group. This will highlight you infront of various organizations and Job providers.
  3. We also provide Certificate Of Excellence to the professionals for their contribution and technical papers which are widely accepted by organisations during appraisal cycles or Reward and Recognition.
  4. Showcase your active participation to Job interviewer, you will see the positive swing in  his mood.

                                                Why not try today itself.

Other Benefits:

  1. Get free Oracle training, White papers.
  2. Once you join the Premium Writer Club of Siebel Expert Panel after publishing articles, you will start getting exciting gifts from us.   Designer T-shirt, Designer Watches, Designer Coffee Mugs , Designer Water Bottle.

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  1. Alex Reply

    Hi Experts,
    Please approve my request, I want to share my siebel knowledge here.

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