Invoking Siebel Business Service Using Workflow

In previous articles of this series we have explored basics about Siebel Business Services ,its components and steps for how to invoke siebel business service using escript . Lets find out how to invoke a Business Service using workflow.

Article # 3: How to invoke a business service using Workflow:

  • Add the business service step in the w/f by using drag and drop from the palettes in Siebel tools.


  • Give the method name of the business service (which we want to invoke) in the input argument.

  • Below is the symbol which is used for the business service in Siebel tools:

If we invoke a business service:  

  • It may occupy the session’s object manager’s process space.
  • It may occupy the WfProcMgr’s process space.

This process space allocation depends upon the WfProcMgr component’s configuration. 



While invoking any custom business service using w/f we should take care of the memory leak in the script which can increase w/f processes memory utilization.



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