Invoking Siebel Business Service Using Siebel Client Simulator

Business service is a encapsulated program code, which is designed to accomplish a certain task. We have discussed about Business Service and various ways to invoke the Business service in this series. This is the final post of this series and will help you understanding the steps to invoke business service from  siebel client business Service Simulator.


Article # 5 : How to Invoke a business service from  siebel client business Service Simulator.

  • Go to Administration -> Business Service -> Simulator


  • Create a new record


  • Give Business Service Name and Business Service Method Name

  • Input and output arguments




In last 4 articles of this series we have explored basics about Siebel Business Services ,its components and steps for invoking siebel business service by various methods.

In the next article we can see how we can debug a business service at client side and at Siebel tools.

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