Graceful Shutdown Of Siebel Server

You might have came accross multiple scenarios where the siebel server is not gracefully Shutting Down. This article will help you with alternative for gracefull shut down of siebel servers in such scenarios.


Problem Statement : Siebel servers are not shutting down after executing the stop_server all  command and the error which is frequently observed is “server not shutting down” or “server services could not be shut down”.

 Mostly we go for “reboot of the server” and this leads to further waste of time and application outage.The best alternative solution in such scenarios, in order to avoid the “Reboot of the server” can be: 


Alternative 1:     

·         Cancel the existing putty session of the server in which the stop command is executed.

·         Open a new server session, and check the processes (ps –ef | grep siebsupp),and then check the size of the processes ,under execution, currently:  in case if the size of the running processes is seen to be decreasing gradually.

·         Leave the server in the normal state for 5 to 7  minutes, but keep a track of the decreasing memory size of the processes.  

Note1: command to check the size of the processess : prstat –a

Note2: command to check the status of all the processess in siebel server : ps –ef | grep sieb

·         The above condition is required to be followed because; server takes its own time to release the shared memory, of all the processes running, within the server.

·         Once the size of all the existing processes decreases, then execute the stop_server all command.(hopefully the server will show in shutdown state).


Alternative 2: (frequently used)

·         Kill all the existing processess of the server : ps –ef | grep siebsupp

·         Most importantly: kill the server process: named:  “siebsvc

·         Since “siebsvc” is one of the most important and the first process of the siebel server, which generates during server start-up, and establishes its connectivity with the Gateway server.

·         Hence once the siebsvc process gets killed, execute the stop_server all command, the server most probably will come down in shutdown mode. 

          Note : command to kill the processess: kill -9 <process ID>



Alternative 3:


Sometimes,while shutting down the siebel server , the error observed  is :


“SBL-SMI-00049 Gateway connection error when shutting down the Siebel Server.”


·         After executing  “stop_server all “ command  in siebel server , “siebctl  utility directs all the components from running state to the shutdown state and waits for 2 minutes by default  for the components to come down to shutdown mode.

·         But some components don’t stop within the default time ,hence “siebctl “ utility then Kills them.

·         At this time, the connection to the Gateway Server from the component is closed, and as a result the error SBL-SMI-00049 is throwned and is written in the enterprise log of the siebel server.

·         Thus, in case if the server is taking long time to shutdown then:

·         Stop all the components running in the siebel server for different functionalities, via srvrmgr (server manager) prompt and check the component status if they are changed into “Shutdown” mode.

Note: command to stop the components in srvrmgr:    stop comp <component name>


·         Then execute the command “stop_server all” again in the siebel server directory.

·         Hopefully the server will come down in the shutdown mode.



Hence other alternatives of Server Reboot and the Clean Bounce of the server can be avoided,till it’s a complete case of exception.(and exceptions are there for everything). 

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