Fix For Siebel Error Of Siebel Pricing – Product Configurator

One of  our reader was getting error  related to license key while trying to customize the product in 8.1 and was not  able to see the eConfigurator page.

[1] Error invoking service 'SIS OM PMT Service', method 'Reconfigure Product Instance' at step 'Reconfigure Product Instance'.(SBL-BPR-00162)
[2] Cfg_InstInitialize. More details follow: .(SBL-CFG-00107)
[3] Call to PropertySet.GetChild() failed. The property set does not have any children.(SBL-EXL-00144)


User tried by adding licene keys for below modules, which are must to have for siebel confuration but still getting the error.

Siebel Configurator – Runtime
Siebel Configurator – Runtime for Customers
Siebel Configurator – Runtime for Partners
Siebel Configurator Administration Server

Siebel Customer Order Management Administration Server

The solution for this issue is to put one fix. We are providing few sifs of BC,BO,Link , BS and Method. The problem can be fix by using below steps. Download the sif from blow link.

1. Import the sif files in tools and compile all the objects.
2. Import the BS in web client and simulate the BS using the method “Signal_VM_Execute”.
3. Click on Run and you must get an alert message with the details of Signals and Variable Maps updated.

Please share your observation for this solution.

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