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We have discussed basic introduction of Siebel Pricing – Component Based Pricing in first article of the series. Under the umbrella of Component Based Pricing,  "Fixed Price" is the best approach for fixed customizable bundle. You first define a product structure with default components in eConfigurator. This is the structure I’ve created to illustrate this scenario:


  • Each box represents a product in S_PROD_INT
  • Arrow represent the relationships and the cardinality (“Min, Max, Default”, as defined in eConfigurator)
  • Boxes in bold represent the default components in the CxP structure.

Please note that Bundle Discount, Product Bundle and Promotions are also good options to consider for bundling products but will be discussed in separate articles.

Because our pricing strategy is “Fixed Price”, you would normally not allow the product to be customized unless the customization does not affect the price. In this example, we will allow customization of the hard disks, the bigger model (but slower) will be offered as a free upgrade. All products in the above product structure should be added to a Price List Here is how the Price List would look:


Note that only the root product has a price. All other products have a price of zero. This is how you should implement “Fixed Price” scenarios. You click on the “Valoris BL1600…” hyperlink, the Pricing Designer will open:

In this scenario, you only need to use the “Check Starting Price” button. All other functionalities are not required and will be explained in scenario B. The “Check Starting At Price” will calculate the price of the root product as follow: List Price of the root product (Valoris BL1600 + Docking Station Bundle) +   List Price of default products (components, CxP) in the product structure as defined in eConfigurator, adjusted by the Adjustment rule defined in the Pricing Designer.


In our example, the “Starting At Price” would be:

  Product List Price
1 Valoris BL1600 + Docking Station Bundle $1000
2 Valoris BL1600 $0
3 160 Gb 7200 rpm $0
4 Optical Drive (DVD/CD burner) $0
5 Docking Station $0

Total = $1000

Finally, let’s have a look at the order: As you can see, all prices are correct; I have customized the product to choose the 250 gb hard disk upgrade and this has not changed the price, as expected.


[EDIT from Matthieu Hattab, 21st of May 2012]:
if you have installed there is a bug in the pricing designer. 
download "Siebel Maintenance Release Guide Version, Rev. D" and search for section "Instructions for Bug 10604001"


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2 comments on “Siebel Pricing – Component Based Pricing || Fixed Pricing”

  1. Dennis Reply

    I have been using pricing for the past couple of months along with product configuration. I'm trying to figureout if there is a way to compute taxes dynamically on the products.

  2. Matthieu Hattab Reply

    an easy way is to add the tax rate as a system preference or to store it at product level and have a calc field in the Order/Quote lines/header bus comps.
    Taxes are different in different countries and you can have specific rules for export, intra state… if you're in the USA (not my case) there is some vanilla functionality for taxes.

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