MainWin Processes In Siebel

In this article we will learn ,What are MainWin executables and how to start, stop or check status of these processes. 

Main win executables are part of embedded MainSoft MainWin System Core (MSC) components.

Starting with Siebel eBusiness Applications version 7.7, Siebel Systems embedded a newer version of MainSoft Mainwin. Three executables were introduced as a part of a design improvement.

Ø  regss

Ø  mwrpcss

Ø  watchdog


regss: regss is the registry service of MainWin. This service is in charge of manipulating the registry file which contains system and application information.

mwrpcss: mwrpcss processes the RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) and COM (Component Object Model) requests for MainWin.

watchdog: watchdog ensures that both regss and mwrpcss daemons are running.

How to start, stop and check status of MainWin processes:

ü  Start Mainwin processes:                             $mwadm start

ü  Stop Mainwin processes:                             $mwadm stop

ü  Check status of MainWin processes:       $mwadm status

ps –ef” command can also be used whether these three daemons are running or not.

If MainWin processes get corrupted or killed while starting Siebel server, siebsvc process will get generated but no other process will start i.e, Siebel server will be up but no component will take any request because no process for any component will get created. In this case we have to restart the MainWin processes first and then we should start the Siebel servers.

Note: MainWin processes must not be shutdown or killed while Siebel server is running.

2 comments on “MainWin Processes In Siebel”

  1. Mustafa Reply

    I am new to Siebel admin….. Can we have more than 1 process running same machine like 2 regss 2 watch dog etc….. Or only each one process need to be there … Please can any one clearify me

  2. Abhishek Reply

    If you have more than one application server on the same m/c with different owner, more than on mainwin process will be running one for each owner.

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