Avoid Scripting with Configuration || BCHasRows Function

Generally we maintain our fields unique using User keys or creating of Index at Table level or else we move with the scripting, but we have simple solution with simple configuration. This post has been shared by Manjula Vani.

Solution follows… here

     We have very good function in Siebel called “BCHasRows”.


Syntax:  BCHasRows (BO, BC, search_expr, visibility)

Scenario: Maintain “PAN Card Number” as unique.

 BCHasRows ("Account", "Account", "[PAN Card Number*] = '"+ [PAN Card Number*] +"'", "All")

The following 2 steps we need to do……

STEP1: Create Calculated Field


STEP2: Give the Calculated Filed in Validation property of the Filed for which we want to maintain uniqueness.




2 comments on “Avoid Scripting with Configuration || BCHasRows Function”

  1. Kevin Reply

    Thank you for your post.
    But I have one question regarding to your solution.
    Is "BCHasRows" predefined function in script? If yes, where it is defined and what's the detail?
    If no, how it works? I cannot find such method/property in any books.
    Thank you very much.
    Kevin (CN-Dalian)

  2. Dileep Reply

    Thanks for your post… Will it work if we want to dispaly the same message in different languages??

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