Lets Suppress Applet-Level Menu Items

The applet-level menu items that appear in a particular applet are either inherited as part of the applet class, or are defined as Applet Method Menu Items. Standard applet-level menu items such as New Record and Delete Record, which are inherited as part of the applet class, are not displayed in Siebel Tools in the Applet Method Menu Items for the applet.

To suppress applet-level menu items, there are two methods:


  1. Declarative configuration

·         Create the menu items as Applet Method Menu Items in Siebel Tools and then suppress them by entering a value of TRUE for the Suppress Menu Item property.

·         This will remove the item entirely from the applet menu list rather than graying it out.



  1. Scripting

·         You can disable menu items using a script which uses the CanInvokeMethod mechanism.

·         This will gray out the selected applet-level menu items. 

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