Siebel CTI – An Overview

Large and small organizations deploying Oracle Siebel CTI will enable their call centers to increase telephony calls per agent, decrease average call times, and build citizen relationships.

Citizens do not have to repeat information, such as name or request number, to each agent they talk to.Oracle Siebel CTI offers faster call productivity by identifying the citizen before the conversation begins using ANI (Caller ID) or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) information. DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) information can also be leveraged in environments with multiple 800 or 900 lines to deliver the most appropriate information to the agent to start an interaction.


Also, screen pops generated by Oracle Siebel CTI immediately capture rich citizen information, presenting it on the agent’s screen to reduce the total cost per contact and to increase citizen satisfaction by shortening handling times and creating a greater rapport and sense of intimacy with the citizen.

Please reref to below LINK for technical understanding of Siebel CTI.

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