Siebel Data Quality – An Overview

Siebel Data Quality addresses an organization’s need for real time and batch mode data quality processing. It helps organizations ensure accurate, consistent and consolidated customer information. As a result organizations can obtain a consistent single view of the customer, reduce operational costs and increase the return on investment in Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Siebel Data Quality provides the views to allow a user to match and cleanse contact, prospect and account data in real-time-during data entry or modification, or as a batch process.


Siebel Data Quality Matching Server

The Siebel Data Quality Matching Server is a scalable and Unicode-enabled matching engine that can identify potential duplicate data within existing accounts, contacts and prospects in the Siebel transactional database. Matching can be run in batch mode or be enabled in real-time mode when licensed with users of Siebel Data Quality. The Siebel Data Quality Matching Server is an embedded server component that runs within the Siebel Object Manager and does not require any external third-party software to function.

The Siebel Data Quality Matching Server supports matching in multiple languages and is double-byte enabled. It includes pre-built matching rules for faster deployment. Organizations can configure the level of searching and matching used to identify and score potential duplicates and specify the input fields that are used by the matching algorithm. The product includes a limited number of licenses for administrative users to access the Data Quality Administration views, manage batch routines, review suspected duplicates identified during batch processing and merge duplicate records into a single record.

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