PDQDisabledView Application User Property

Predefined Queries (PDQs) feature is one of the best user friendly feature of Siebel application. User navigate to a view and query some data to get related records. In his daily work he will apply same query to filter the data of his need. Now what if he can see the filtered data by default as soon as he navigate to that view. Here comes the concept call Predefined Queries (PDQs).


User can write a PDQ and this will give him filtered data once he will navigate to the view. These stored PDQ's can be find at the drop-down box at the top – right side of application. Various set of PDQs can be written and stored for a view.

PDQs are of 2 type. Private and Non Private. We will discuss them in detail in our next article.

What if User want to disable PDQs feature for a particular view? 

Why will he?  Answer is "To discourage Query on table with high records". Multiple queries on heavy table will reduce performance.

Idea: We can think of disabling the PDQ when View loads. But user can see PDQs in drop-down and run PDQs from there if required.


Solution:   Prior to 8.0 release one had to add DisablePDQView = “Name of the view to be disabled” in cfg file.

But yearlong oracle supports effort to minimize configuration file dependency resulted in creation of this Application Level User Property.

To set this up go to Tools – Application -> Application user Property.

Create new record as follows.

Name: PDQDisabledViewn

Value: Name of the view to be disabled

n is a number, As we can see in tools that this property is used for few views and let say it has been used for 4 views that means  PDQDisabledView0, PDQDisabledView1, PDQDisabledView2, PDQDisabledView3 are already there then the new property will be added as PDQDisabledView4

For Example:

PDQDisabledView4 = Order Approval View (eSales)

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