ClientBusinessService For Calling Business Services From Siebel Client

The ClientBusinessServicen user property calls a business service from a browser script.
Prior to 8.0 release to call a business service from browser script we need to set this property in .cfg file to enable that business service. 
The reason behind this is that browser Script in compiled by the browser in local machine and Business Service is compiled in the Server SRF file. Hence to let Siebel know about that a browser business service is called you had to make this entry in cfg file.

Where n is a sequential number.

ClientBusinessService 1 = ‘Name of the Business Service called from Browser Script’.
If a browser script attempts to use this user property to call a business service that is not listed, then an error that is similar to the following error might occur at runtime:

Cannot get service: <name of service>.(SBL-UIF-00275)

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