Hide Applet Control / List Columns At Runtime

Awesome configuration ways comes handy with siebel tools. Lets take example of Applet User Property “HIDE CONTROL” which can help you to hide Applet Control / List Columns at Runtime.

This user property set in Applet allows you to hide some control/List columns at runtime.


Name: Hide Control

Value: Control to hide, Condition

So in the below screenshot configuration NewRecord button will be hidden if Account record is present on that applet.

This User property could be based on class and so far I have explored it works only in Order Management realm. If you want to explore more and found anything interesting outside of Order Management, please SHARE for benefit of other users too.

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  1. ramakant Reply

    thanks a lot fro this content. And i wanted to know wether this hide control/column list  user property is supported by all applet class or by some speccific.. if specific then please specify which will support this property.

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