Future Of Oracle Siebel CRM – Article 1

SEP team has initiated one discussion on Future Of CRM. We have got several response from industry experts on what are they thinking about various changes on CRM Space and what are their strategies for those changes. We are sharing the most valuable responses here for benefit for the Fusion seekers.

Author of this blog  Mr. David Dommisse comes with  18 years  IT experience and most importantly 12 eventfully years in Siebel implementation. His specialties covers Siebel, SOA, EAI,Workflow and Weblogic and SOA Suite extended with Java.

I’ve been trying to find answers to the questions above for over a year now – and Oracle seems to change the answer every now and again. I will share what I’ve got out of various sources so far (internet, Oracle, Gartner etc.) I’m focusing on the Siebel and Fusion On premise offering.

Current Siebel:

Will be supported till 2019 – but I suspect this will be pushed out even more 

Will get new functionality every 6 months to a year via Innovation packs 


Future of Siebel:

Here it is split up in a few camps based on application (I will focus on Sales, Service, Marketing and Call Centre) 


Sales / Marketing: 

Here you can decide to upgrade from Siebel to Fusion CRM. Version 1 has been out now for a couple of months and Oracle will help you with the upgrade by giving you a tool to upgrade you schema. UI and business logic is up to you. 

It seems like this is also the space where Oracle is losing a lot of their customer base to the likes of SalesForce – i.e. if you have a relatively simple vanilla installation with little or no integration. 

Service / Call Centre: 

Oracle initially indicated this will be included in v1.2 out end of 2012. They’ve made a U-Turn on this since they’ve bought RightNow. They are now trying to integrate RightNow into the Fusion stack – but the BIG issue is the RightNow is a cloud only product. SO SERVICE AND CALL CENTRE will not be in the Fusion CRM application soon! 

Guess what: My Siebel application is a Service / Call Centre app that is HEAVILY integrated into 

What am I doing: 


So I’m still hoping Oracle will get their ducks in a row and I’m currently investing in the Fusion Middleware stack. I’m busy installing and getting to grips with the following: 

• Weblogic (J2EE server) 

• SOA Suite 

• JDeveloper 

• Oracle App Adapters for Weblogic 

My plan is to extract as much login as I can and all integration into the middleware stack – this should make a migration to wherever much easier in the future. Re-skilling developers into the Java / ADF space is also a priority. 

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