Siebel Campaign Management – Key Features (I)

This series of articles will give you a overview of Oracle’s Siebel Campaign Management. Lets understand the key features of Oracle’s Siebel Campaign Management to get complete benefit of this beautiful Siebel Marketing Module for your Business and for Marketing implementation.

Oracle’s Siebel Campaign Management delivers a comprehensive solution for the complete design, execution, and management of personalized, permission-based campaigns across all channels of customer interaction including: phone, direct mail, the Web, wireless devices, email, direct sales and partner network. With Siebel Campaign Management you can lower costs, shorten campaign planning and development cycles, and increase responses and revenue while building and enhancing customer relationships. 

We will discuss key features of Oracle’s Siebel Campaign Management in this article. 

• insightful Segmentation – Analytics-based Segmentation including waterfall reporting

Marketing Managers looks delighted to find Siebel Campaign Management’s Drag and Drop interface to create segments. A flexible segment designer and segmentation engine is key to this outstanding segment creation. “Start with”, “Keep”, “Add”, “Exclude” terminology are the part of this awesome interface. It includes a waterfall style display which will keep counting the target people as result of your selection criteria in query. This display of count is a blessing for large database to reduce time to create segments. 


The segmentation engine is fully integrated with the Oracle Business Intelligence platform. This powerful engine allows users to query across many different data sources without having to understand their underlying complexity. With Siebel Campaign Management, you have extensive flexibility and autonomy in defining new targeting criteria on the fly without requiring additional IT assistance. 

• Dialog Management – Create and automate rich multistage, recurring and event-triggered campaigns 

Oracle’s Siebel Campaign Management provide a sensitive graphical campaign design tool, Marketing managers themselves create and automate rich multistage, recurring, and event-triggered campaigns with different offers, creative approaches, and channels without IT assistance. Now Organizations can plan continuous marketing strategies for individual customers with lower marketing cost.


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• List Management – Robust support for list import and list output formats 

• Multi-channel Delivery – Support phone, direct mail, email, web, wireless, direct sales, and partner campaigns 

• Sales Lead Management – Supports lead qualification and integration with Siebel Sales 

• Outbound Call Campaigns – Integration with Siebel Call Center to support outbound call campaigns  

• Email Marketing – built-in , highly scalable personalized email marketing capabilities 

• Web Marketing – Integrated html designer for web offer and content development 

• Inbound Real-time Marketing – Deliver intelligent offers in real time using Oracle’s leading Real Time Decisions technology and Siebel Call Center 

• SOA Web Services – Common web services available out-of-the-box


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    Can you all tell about the licenses pertaining to each feature of the Siebel Marketing Module? 

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