Siebel Open UI – Which OpenUI Realse Covers What ?

 In this post we will know about the all 3 release of Open UI.  

Did you know?

OpenUI is not exclusive with the HI client. They can run side by side. This allows customers to migrate to OpenUI, it is not big bang.


Let's summerise which OpenUI Relaese covers what.

OpenUI is being released in 3 phases.




The first phase, (Released December 12, 2012) This was to remove the restrictions of the ActiveX controls.

 (Full disclosure: Not all the functionality in the HI client is available in this release. Many of the administrative tasks in Siebel are still only available via HI client, but those people are administrators, not end users. The list of what's in and What will be available in later releases is in the Best Practices Guide on MyOracle Support).

Phase one also include connected Mobile. These are apps that run on tablets and smart phones. They are touch enabled and use the tablet/phone UI paradigm.





Second phase is disconnected Mobile, i.e. running the app in the grocery store while checking shelf stock against the Plan-O-Gram, taking notes via voice to text and using the iPad camera to record the compliance to the plan-o-gram and saving it as part of the CRM record.

Third phase is about SI apps and other HI capabilities that did not make it in Phase 1 or 2.


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