Was It Wise Decision Of Oracle To Delay Open UI In Siebel ?

Oracle has made entry into Open UI with Siebel but market experts has different opinion about Oracle's strategy to delaying Open UI in Siebel.

Oracle's Siebel has lost market revenue share in these years to other competitors due to great UI experience and wonderfull fast navigation from one screen to other for contact center end users.



With so many doubt in mind we rush to Oracle's Siebel Open UI Expert Scott  Hall and we got unbaised answers to our questions.

We are sharing our interview with Scott for benefit for our Siebel CRM community.


Unfortunately if released a few years earlier it would have been a performance disaster. When Siebel changed the architecture from client/server to web based (due to our customers demanding it) we tried working with Javascript but the performance was so bad we had to find a different means to deliver the app.

Customers had two requirements for Siebel at the time.

    1.     It had to perform like a client/server app as it was being used in high volume call centers and

    2.     It had to run on a 10MB network (the capacity of the day).  


Unfortunately, pure web based apps of the day could do neither. In order to meet customer requirements we had to use a different solution, and the only one to avail itself was ActiveX.

In 1999 IE had 95% of the market share and there were essentially only 2 browsers in the marketplace. ActiveX was a pretty good decision at the time. It wasn't until the last year or so that using standards like javascript proved viable. The standard benchmark for JS execution shows what runs today in .24 seconds on Chrome took 86 seconds to run on IE 5.5 (release of IE used for Siebel 7). I can't imaging working in a call center and having to wait a minute and a half between screens. Even in versions of browsers available 18 months ago the performance was only marginal.




There have been other efforts to improve the UI over the years, Virtualization Toolkit, WebUIDDK, headless Siebel (sorry Tom!) Flash based UI, but none of them based off standards. The time is right for a standards based approach for a UI. The performance is there, the capabilities are there, the knowledge base is there and the SI's are there.


Answer to your question Has Siebel lost market share over ht UI? I won't deny it. But I think OpenUI leapfrog's the other CRM products with OpenUI. I also think this is a wonderful opportunity for the SIs out there to build the user experience your customers are looking for using OpenUI. Get your web developers involved as OpenUI uses the same technologies they have been using for years.


More about Scott Hall

Scott Hall is an Application Technologist CRM  Solutions at Oracle with a focus on the Siebel CRM.  As a senior member of the Sales Consulting staff at Oracle, Scott is responsible for understanding customer architecture and technology needs and articulating how the Oracle solution fits within those needs.  Scott has been employed in the IT industry for 29 years, the last 14 years with Oracle supporting the Siebel CRM applications.  He has held jobs in application development and sales consulting, first writing assembler programs for IBM, then into DBA roles, solution consulting, and architecture consulting.  In his customer facing roles he has worked with customers as small as a couple hundred employees to the largest of the fortune 100 firms across a broad variety of industries.  This exposure has given Scott a unique perspective and understanding of how CRM applications can address a customer’s business requirements in a way that allows them to grow the business.


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3 comments on “Was It Wise Decision Of Oracle To Delay Open UI In Siebel ?”

  1. I.B. Stottlemyer Reply

    It depends on what you think the "plan" is for Siebel. My manager is moving me away from Siebel training and focusing more on OBIEE and Fusion CRM training in my job. Sometimes it is what is done and not said that can lead one to a conclusion. I can NOT speak for the Oracle product devleopment or direction efforts but it is what I dont see that tells me the Siebel CRM product has numbered days. I can only be glad that when Oracle brought Siebel into it's fold of companies, that we had the life we had. And life today still anit that bad. BTW We had a path for Siebel while we were Siebel 7 years ago this coming March, that would have put Siebel on a path for a .NET or J2EE platform offering with an open U.I. nicknamed "Headless Siebel".. 🙂

  2. Syed Kashif Abdullah Syed Kashif Abdullah Reply

    We are working on Siebel Open UI upgrade…The only good difference I see in Open UI is the Application is browser independent and Scripting can be done in Application….As far as Screens modifications are concerned, calendar screen has been modified to a larger extent…

  3. Ananth Rajamani PMP Ananth Rajamani PMP Reply

    The major advantage is getting away from the Activex. This is major issue with my customer.

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