Laptop, Desktop settings for Siebel Open UI


Prerequisites for Client Machine using Siebel Application Open UI (Thin Client)


Minimum Hardware & Software Requirements for Siebel Application


Type of Client

Hardware and software

Siebel Application

Thin Client(Acessed through url in browser)

2 GHZ processor,  Min 2 to 4 GB RAM, 100 GB Harddisk, LAN with Internet availability


Windows 7 Operating System


System Type-32bit Operating System



Java 1.7



MS office, Acrobat reader, MS outlook 2010



Standard Ports like TCP/IP, http port 80,88, to be enabled


Supported Browsers:

Oracle tests Siebel Open UI internally against the latest versions of the following commonly used Enterprise browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or 11

  • Google Chrome 25 and later

  • Mozilla Firefox 24 and later

  • Apple Safari 5.1.7 (Macintosh only)

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