BIP Report Wait Time – Optimize your BI Publisher Reports

Introduction :

This is the time the session is waiting for report to be generated (this is important when users are submitting reports through HI application) until the BIP Wait Time is reached.

So if parameter is set to 100 seconds and report is not generated at that time, user should receive a message that time exceeded and user should go to My BIP Reports view to open the report, he/she regains control and continues to work in the session. If report is generated in that time, user is going to receive Open/Save popup. -> Setting the Waiting Period


How it works :

The waiting period sets the time that Siebel CRM waits before it sends a report to run in the background. It is recommended that you set this time. For example, if a report requires 90 seconds to finish running, and if you set the wait time to 60, then Siebel CRM does the following:

  • Runs the report in the foreground for 60 seconds. The user cannot use the client during these 60 seconds.
  • Displays a message after 60 seconds that is similar to the following:

XMLP Report Generation time exceeds the Threshold time. Please see the generated Report Output File in the BIP my Reports view.

The user can start using the client immediately after dismissing this message.

  • Adds the finished report to the My Reports view after 90 seconds.

To set the waiting period

  1. Log in to the Siebel application with administrator privileges.
  1. Navigate to the Administration – Application screen, and then the System Preferences view.
  1. In the System Preferences list, choose BIP Report Wait Time, and then modify the System Preference Value.

The minimum value is 0, which configures Siebel CRM to send all reports to the background immediately.

  1. Restart the Siebel Server.

3 comments on “BIP Report Wait Time – Optimize your BI Publisher Reports”

  1. Priyanka Nandi Reply

    I am having a issue with bip report integrated with siebel.While running some reports from crm I am facing time out issue .I have BIP report wait time 300 proposal report sleeptime 20000 and httpsleeptime 240000
    Please help.

    priyanka Nandi

    • Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

      It would be better if you can share EAI log from CRM side to see what is the actual problem.

      Sometimes BIP report itself takes time and need to be tunned as 5 min for generating a report is very huge time.

      1. Is it a SQL based Report or Webservice based.
      2. What is the version of BIP you are using.
      3. What is the bersion of CRM you are using.

    • Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

      Few more troubleshooting steps
      1. Set Max Time Limit
      2. Check XML at BIP Admin Screen
      3. Check if Sample XML is working fine or not

      First try to generate the XML and then try to generate report
      If above fails, Increase XML component and EAI component logs to diagnose the issue

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