ReportHTTPSleepTime – Optimize your BI Publisher Reports

This parameter is set at XMLP component and this is the time that user submits the report for report generation and gets a response that report was generated. If threshold is reached and report was not completed, report is going to fail saying that did not receive response from BIP Server.


Modifying the HTTP Sleep Time

The integration from Siebel CRM to Oracle BI Publisher uses an outbound Web service call that calls the PublicReportServiceService Web service on the Oracle BI Publisher Server. The outbound Web service uses the EAI HTTP Transport business service to send the HTTP request for this call. Siebel CRM sets the HTTPSleepTime argument of this business service to two minutes (120000 milliseconds), by default. If a report requires over two minutes to finish, and if you do not schedule this report, then the report times out and Siebel CRM adds an entry that is similar to the following error message. It adds this message in the XMLPReportServer .log file:

SBL-EAI-04311: Operation ‘runReport’ is expecting a response but no response was received.

This error typically occurs only with a large or complex report, and it does not occur if you schedule the report. To avoid this error, you can increase the default sleep time for the EAI HTTP Transport business service so that the EAI component keeps the HTTP requests that are open through the Outbound Web Service long enough so that Siebel CRM can finish running the report.

To modify the sleep time for all reports

  1. Log in to Siebel client with administrative privileges.
  1. Navigate to the Administration – Server Configuration screen.
  1. Query the Component field of the Components list for XMLP Report Server.
  1. In the Components list, click the child Parameters tab.
  1. In the Component Parameters list, query the Parameter field for the following value:


  1. In the Value field, set the value to the number of milliseconds.

For example, set the Value to 240000 to specify a four minute timeout.

NOTE:  The default, and maximum, value for the ReportHTTPSleepTime parameter is 180 seconds.

  1. Restart the server.

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