PRINCE2 – An Overview

PRojects IN Controlled Environments” PRINCE2 is a structured project management method which emphasises dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages.

PRINCE2 is principles driven project management framework that can be tailored to suite the size or type of a project. It is based on seven principles, seven themes and seven processes.

In this article we will have a quick walk-through of all 3 Seven essentials of PRINCE2.

The Seven Principles:

1.  Continued Business Justification

2.  Learn from Experience

3.  Defined Roles and Responsibilities

4.  Manage by Stages

5.  Manage by Exception

6.  Focus on Products

7.  Tailor to Suit the Project Environment

The Seven Themes:

1.  Business case

2.  Organization

3.  Quality

4.  Plans

5.  Risk

6.  Change

7.  Progress


The Seven Processes:

1.  Starting up a Project

2.  Initiating a Project

3.  Directing a Project

4.  Controlling a Stage

5.  Managing Product Delivery

6.  Managing a Stage Boundary

7.  Closing a Project

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