Top New features of Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c has brought smiles to many DBAs and Developers faces. In the series of article i will introduce you to all awesome new features of Oracle 12c. This will do wonder in Capacity planning, Cost Optimization and reduce maintenance cost.

1. Invisible Columns :

Now no need to create Custom tables for reference data. With Oracle 12c you can have reference data stored in invisible columns of the same table

We can create Columns created as Invisible. This will not appear while doing  SELECT * FROM ..

These columns can be used to save some data for reference purpose. No need of separate custom table to secure any data from visibility.

2. Easy Database Archiving :

Performance monitoring and maintenance of Databases with huge translations and data volumes is big concern. Data backups and Purging are maintaining the History of Backups are time consuming work for Database Administrators. Easy Database Archiving is new feature of Oracle 12 c Database will ease life of DBA’s.

Now with new feature of Oracle 12 c Database partitions and purging are not required. This new feature we can marking old rows/record INACTIVE, which will discard this record during fetching, parsing and data scan.

3. Temporary UNDO / Staging UNDO :

Most of us will be aware for warning ORA-30036: unable to extend segment by string in undo tablespace “string”

Above error used to occur while insufficient space in Undo Table Space while performing big transactions.

With new feature of Oracle 12 c Database Temp Undo record will be stored into Temporary Table instead of UNDO TS

This will help to manage space by reducing the space of UNDO TS and REDO LOG TS.


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