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Oracle Database 12c In‐memory feature for Siebel Reporting and MIS Queries Optimization

Siebel database is optimized all DML are working fine with awesome performance but still we receive complaints when we fetch reports (few columns but fetch huge number of rows). In this article we will explain you the behavior of OLTP database & New Oracle 12c feature of In-memory to optimize Reporting & MIS queries output.

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Top New features of Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c has brought smiles to many DBAs and Developers faces. In the series of article i will introduce you to all awesome new features of Oracle 12c. This will do wonder in Capacity planning, Cost Optimization and reduce maintenance cost. 1. Invisible Columns : Now no need to create Custom tables for reference data. With

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Parallel Index Creation with Data Pump Import in Oracle DB

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Version Problem Statement : Indexes are not picking parallel processes while execution of impdp utility SOLUTION Parallelism is used for loading user data, package bodies and for building indexes.   It was noticed that the indexes are not created in parallel, since there is only one worker process executing this task. The

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Oracle Database 12c Feature: Multitenant Database

“Sometimes there was a Situation where you have to create two different schema in the same databases,but both with the same name.” A typical example is in this case of SIEBEL applications which have a specific schema name – SIEBEL, So if you want to install two SIEBEL applications in the same database, we always

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Tuning Query without Changing Code by Using SQL Plan Baseline

In day to day application performance monitoring we encountered with Un-optimized SQL consuming significant Database time. Only solution comes to mind is to improve the performance of the SQL by making changes in siebel configuration or Scripting(adding/removing hints, changing the order of joins, removing unnecessary function calls etc.) to get optimized SQL. Sometimes it is

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