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Date with my bike but i am stuck with very strange installation problem at work. Oracle 12.10.2 database installation on Windows was crashing repeatedly without leaving any hint on the logs. Found the fix for the problem  and leaving a post for your reference. This will be very helpful during  Siebel IP 16 Installation.  

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ReportHTTPSleepTime – Optimize your BI Publisher Reports

This parameter is set at XMLP component and this is the time that user submits the report for report generation and gets a response that report was generated. If threshold is reached and report was not completed, report is going to fail saying that did not receive response from BIP Server.   Modifying the HTTP

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BIP Report Wait Time – Optimize your BI Publisher Reports

Introduction : This is the time the session is waiting for report to be generated (this is important when users are submitting reports through HI application) until the BIP Wait Time is reached. So if parameter is set to 100 seconds and report is not generated at that time, user should receive a message that

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HUNG PROCESSES In Siebel Servers

Health of these siebel server processess play major role to keep the application and other operational functionalities smooth and fine. “Process” is a collection of many “Tasks” or “Threads“. All these threads are defined within a process, under a specified parameter within the siebel server for different functionalities. Example: MaxSharedDbConns , MinSharedDbConns , MinMTServers ,MaxMTServers parameters

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